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TBC is a Peer to Peer Bitcoin marketplace connecting buyers with sellers around the world. Simply enter your email address to get started and keep track of your trade in one place.
Trade bitcoins from the comfort of your home.
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TBC Vendors can earn six figures from the comfort of their home by trading bitcoin in real-time.
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TBC allow you to buy bitcoin from people in real-time. Trading is easy and can be done via online chat.
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You can buy bitcoin here on paxful Bank cas deposit or Western Union will get you the best price rate in order to resell at a higher profit

You can buy from a vendor (exchange), this works best for long term high volume purchases.

Once you have bitcoin in your TBC wallet you need to decide how you will collect money from buyers.


Select sell and payment method, how you choose to collect payment is the most important detail.

it affects your margins, realese time and amount of traffic. Popular methods like PayPal and debit, gift cards carry high margins but also high risk. You accept all risk

If your margin is 10% it means you make a 10% profit over market price. 100% means they pay double e.t.c.

Be sure to fill clear offer terms to let them know what to expect and instructions to make things go smooth.


Vendors get their own special dashboard to monitor trades, offers and get reports.

You will see new trades come in real time. Be prompt to answer them and turn off your offers if you are not online.

Always improve your offers and adjust their margins, terms and instructions as you learn more about the market and your customer.


This is where you get the payment from the customer and give them support.

Be polite and responsive, Files can be uploaded, Be sure never to click any links or ever give them your number. Avoid giving an email unless required.

Once you get payment click "Release bitcoins" and they will leave escrow and go to the buyers wallet.

Stay on top of the market.
TBC has a variety of features that make it the best place to start trading.
Get a Free Wallet
Enjoy easy to use bitcoin wallet that is designed to meet your needs. Best use for the very best trader in the space.
Trade with Secure Escrow
Once payment is made and verified by the seller, the requested bitcoin will be released to your wallet.
Build Your Reputation
Take advantage of the feedback and reputation system on the review of the very best traders on TBC